The Leo & Lee's Story

We started Leo & Lee’s with the belief that the men’s dress shirt needed a reboot. No longer should we be limited to the “classic” dress shirt styles that dominate party events, tailgates, weddings, fraternity formals or nights on the town. We wanted to design a shirt that separates us from the pack: a high quality dress shirt that evokes fun and makes a statement. 

The way we accomplish this: we let you wear your shirt on your sleeves.

Leo, one of our founders, witnessed greatness at his wedding when an old college roommate, currently a U.S. Army doctor, removed his black tuxedo jacket at the crescendo of a wild dance move to reveal a tuxedo shirt emblazoned with American Flag sleeves. The crowd went wild. Brandon "Lee", an entrepreneurial American, and longtime friend of Leo, was equally inspired by this moment of boldness. The two teamed up with one of Silicon Valley’s rising stars in e-commerce and growth to build Leo & Lee’s.

Leo & Lee's shirts are made from premium fabrics. We start with 100% cotton poplin sourced from a family owned New York City textile business with a nearly 100 year history. We layer bespoke patterns of your choice onto the sleeves and back of the shirt and cut it to your size. What you end up with is a one-of-a-kind dress shirt that will change your world.





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